"Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children's lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land." — Luna Leopold

Access to fresh water is essential for human well-being and our economy. Will we be effective stewards of our water resources in the coming decades? The answer to this question depends on whether we continue to invest in the new knowledge, tools, and expertise to manage our water resources in an ever-changing world.

UW-Madison hosts a stunningly wide range of research, educational, and outreach activities related to water and water resources. These activities are distributed across the UW-Madison campus and beyond. Although there are many bridges between faculty, staff, and students with water interests, there is no formal coordination of activities. In response, we’ve developed this website in order to:

  • Convey information about the scope and diversity of water research at UW-Madison
  • Foster connections and communication among members of the UW-Madison water community
  • Provide information about graduate opportunities to prospective graduate students
  • Foster interdisciplinary research, instruction and outreach
  • Advance the initiatives and broad interests of UW-Madison

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50 UW-Madison faculty spanning biological, physical, social sciences, and arts and humanities gave lightening talks about their their scholarly work at this recent symposium. See Symposium webpage for more information.

Want to learn more about Water @ UW-Madison?

Join the water listserv. Send a subscribe email to join-water@lists.wisc.edu.

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